White Water Rafting – Fun and Adventure Providing Thrills for The Whole Family

Whitewater rafting is something you should try for your next vacation. You can either do it alone or go with your family or a big group.

Take different trips to different locations. For the more experienced, there are many advanced sites and many places to whitewater raft that have easier water to negotiate.

Choosing whitewater rafting opens up a world of opportunity for you. It’s possible that you can find whitewater rafting in any country you visit and there are also many other places you can go whitewater rafting.

Whitewater rafting is both dangerous and fun so remember that there are several levels of experience and danger built in each whitewater rafting package.

So what could this be?

Although a new sport to some, but has been around for a long time, whitewater rafting is becoming very popular.

A group of people can often go on the whitewater rafting together. The trip may either last one day or several days, depending on the type of trip you’ve chosen.

There will either be accommodations along the river, or the group leaders will aid the group in setting up a campsite each night on the trips that last for several days. Your group may have to go along with several others.

There are several group leaders (depending on the group’s size) that will follow a preset course and guide the raft and they work for the tour company. Ensuring the safety of the people who are whitewater rafting is what these leaders will do.

These excursions can be a wonderful way for a family or group to take a great vacation.

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What Are Some Ways To Find Whitewater Rafting?

If you are interested in a whitewater rafting, you can contact your travel agent, or you can look on the internet. A simple search will return many different online sites which feature whitewater rafting.

It’s not that hard to find adventure descriptions, packages and pictures. Many times, you can find travel and accommodations included in packages. You can book many places for great adventures to await you.

It’s time to get wet and have some fun riding nature’s roller coasters. Given below are some of the great white water rafting options available:

Bali Islands are located in Indonesia is the best spot to take a rafting trip. Together with an exciting adventure you get an opportunity to explore the eco-friendly environment and experience the unique culture of the Balinese people.

Malaysia is where you can enjoy a journey down the thundering rapids when you visit Malaysia. The Padas and the Kulu rivers are excellent sites to practice water rafting. Also, Sungai Sungai in Perak (Grade2) and Sungai Selangor (Grade3) are popular spots, managed by groups of well trained and experienced rafting operators.

India states are blessed with Himalayan ranges and snow-clad mountain, rivers are the ultimate destination for white water rafting adventure. Regions like Ladakh, Garhwal, and Rishikesh, are well known for white water rafting. Professional tour operators organize camps that are very popular among the tourists.

Thailand boasts of 13 white water rafting spots and is truly a paradise for white water rafting. Thrilling rides amidst the sets of rapids can be enjoyed in locations like the Pai-Mae Hong Son, Mae La Moe, Nam WA Nan, Song Galia, Klong Glide, etc.

A rafting tour through Phang Nga takes you alongside the Mountain Rivers bordered with lush forest and waterfall. The Ton Parlwat Wildlife Sanctuary, located on the way is a must visit place.


Preparing for Your White Water Rafting Trip

Do you want to improve your strength and endurance for your next white water rafting trip?

Well, mastering a few tricks will definitely bring out the professional in you.

As we all know paddling in white waters is one of the most amazing sports one can ever participate in. But to be successful here, maintaining maximum fitness levels is very crucial.

Having all the skills and tricks is perfect, but body fitness matters too. If you are going on a white water rafting trip, then toning your body with some perfect preparation is important.

Here is a perfect preparation plan for paddling in white waters.

Hire a Health Coach & Personal Trainer

Seek the services of a qualified health coach or personal trainer to get fit or for weight loss help. Battling with waters isn’t kids play. To get strong muscles with a powerful chest is not easy. The good thing with hiring a personal trainer is that he/she can draw up a perfect schedule for the training program.

When you choose to do it on your own, there are high chances that you will procrastinate going to the gym. A personal trainer is well vast in the type of muscles on your body and which ones are responsible for powerful kayaking.

Include some weight lifting

You don’t get ripped up belly by simply hitting the waters and paddling. Doing some weight lifting off shore is important. Have your personal trainer guide you through the kind of weights and how to lift them.

For a one hour training plan, giving 40 minutes to weight lifting will give you the needed strength and endurance. Ideally, you should include at least 10 rounds of shoulder presses, 10 front squats, 10 hang cleans and repeat them thrice in a cycle.

Have 30 minutes of vigorous exercises

These are basically sessions that call aim at improving your cardiovascular performance. You don’t want to collapse in the water.

Personal Trainers recommend that you try out 3 rounds of 150 rope jumps, try 200 meters sprints among other vigorous exercises. You hearts performance is evident in how you perform. Giving your lungs some endurance too will be necessary. The secret is to avoid long breaks in between your exercises.

Mind your diet

Well, it is obvious that some foods won’t helpful especially if you are trying to lose some weight and belly fat. You need to plan your diet basing on the desired results. Eating some energy giving foods and proteins will be wise.

However, don’t focus much on junk foods. As a professional kayaker, Rush Sturge puts it, foods such as wheat only fill your stomach with little results. He adds on that you will have to get rid of processed sugars should be eliminated as they don’t offer that much energy.

For instance, having some almond milk and granola in the morning, whey protein powder smoothed with kales or fruits for lunch and pork, chicken with vegetables for dinner will be good. For more information speak to a Health Coach.

Maintain a Motivated mental stated

Finally, being in the right state of mind is essential to keep up with fitness programs.

Paddling in white waters requires intense training if you are to have any chance of winning. There will be some adjustments to make on your schedule thus reminding yourself of the desired results is important.

Don’t forget to hone your paddling skills too. Spend some time in the waters and gauge your performance so that when the day for that white water rafting trip comes you don’t disappoint.

You may just be the next white water rafting winner with perfect preparation!